How we increased micro-targeted Instagram followers for a nonprofit organization by over 278% in less than 3 months organically.

Followers Gained


Growth Rate


Page Views (3 months)


Peak Content reach



A Jazz Mission Sanctuary Foundation is a Miami-based non-profit organization committed to preserving the presence of jazz music for life. The organization is creating the ultimate jazz platform where legacies of legends can be accessed by music lovers everywhere. 

AJMSF plans to achieve their goals using interviews and archived material on the importance of jazz as an African American art form. With the use of visuals and sound recording documentaries, the company is creating a unique space for singers, composers, and producers to tell their stories.

To best serve the cause of the foundation and find a relevant audience, we chose Instagram as our primary social media platform. We decided on this platform as the best way to reach a potentially interested audience and therefore incur more engagement with posted content.


A major challenge that we attacked head-on in our campaigns was locating and connecting with specific target audiences with similar interests, demographics, and affiliations to jazz culture and music. We found it challenging to acquire micro-targeted followers from cities such as Miami, Atlanta, San Diego, Montreal, and New York. How did you overcome this challenge?


1.   Acquire micro-targeted followers on Instagram from across the United States and Canada. 

2.  Connect with jazz musicians as well as high-profile donors and contributors to the client’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns through Instagram. 

3.  Boost engagement rates around our content organically without relying heavily on paid ad campaigns.


1. Within four months, we organically improved the page’s micro-targeted follower count from 509 to 1920. We experienced a 278% growth in follower count by the end of July 2020, and we achieved this without running any paid ad campaigns

2. By the end of the reporting period (July 2020), we increased our client’s Instagram profile views from 200 to 2,795.

3. Most importantly, we also successfully increased the average daily content reach from 10 to 155, and the peak content reach was 459.

4. Throughout our campaign, the platform’s content engagement increased by 40%.

How we did it: Strategies Implemented


Robust Content Marketing

We carried out a well-thought content marketing strategy. We focused on posting content that resonates most strongly with the jazz lovers who are our audience of interest.

Diversified content calendar

We also tested out different content types during the first month of the campaign and increased the frequency of specific content pieces with the highest engagement rate. As examples, some posts focused on jazz history, the evolution of jazz, jazz culture, or short jazz videos.

A/B Split Testing Artwork

We also split-tested different Instagram designs to learn more about what graphics were performing best among page followers. We determined that the graphics with high contrast colors performed the best.

Instagram Hashtag Optimization

We reciprocated hashtags every week to organically keep the Instagram content reach high.

Influencer Outreach

We reached out to influencers within the same niche for cross-promotion in order to grow targeted followers. This was most effective when posting high-quality content that our followers could share. 


We offered giveaways to followers in exchange for them reposting our content on their Instagram stories. We gave out coffee, tea, and hot chocolate products which are all listed on our client’s website.

Data and plots

Plot #2: Content Reach

Average content reach ~ 155, Peak content reach ~ 459.

Plot #3: Organic Page Views

Total page views since the inception of the project ~2,795.

Plot #4: Audience Engagement

Highest engagement on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 8 am and 12 pm; and 2 pm and 4 pm time window.



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