How we helped this lodge earn quality followers and boost facebook content reach by 2.5X.

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Hannagan Meadow Lodge has been enchanting its guests with a perfect mix of rustic surroundings and modern conveniences since 1926. The lodge provides a serene environment where anyone can a peaceful getaway from the hustle of everyday life.

It is located on the scenic Coronado Trail, adjacent to the Arizona Blue Range Primitive Area, and the lodge is an isolated, yet readily accessible solace for guests. The lodge is composed of eight authentic log cabins on  13 acres, each with a fireplace or wood-burning stove and kitchenette.

To appropriately begin this campaign, we  decided on Facebook as the primary social media outlet. The decision was backed by the platform’s enhanced avenue to access the target audience and demographics.

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In the bid to effectively market the company’s hospitality services on social media, the team faced some challenges. The foremost one was finding the right content to engage followers and make the business stand out from its industry competitors. We also found it tasking to build micro-targeted followers and keep them engaged, especially if they were not actively looking to book a stay.


The business set out to accomplish several goals in line via social media marketing.

1. The main goal was to boost the page’s content engagement rate. The lodge expected us to increase its visibility online by improving its content quality and perceived value for followers in order to sway them to book a stay.

2. Additionally, we hoped to increase likes and followers on their primary social media platform in order to increase awareness of their brand and their services. We aimed to acquire 3,000+ followers by the end of July 2020.

Followers Gained


primary traffic source


average engagement

> 70

Peak Content reach



With a dedicated team effort, we experienced several exciting results.

1. We increased page’s micro-targeted followers from 2,200 to 3,100 (plot# 1) organically since the inception of the campaign. 

2. The Facebook business page also experienced an increased average content reach from less than 50 (before) to 700 (plot# 2).

3. Through strategic content marketing, audience engagement increased from less than 30 to over 70 per post (plot# 3).

4. By the end of the campaign, we had successfully made Facebook the top channel referring visitor traffic. We achieved these results by curating content strategically posted at optimized timing to improve engagement rates.

How we did it: Strategies Implemented

Viral Content Lab was thoughtful in its approach to addressing these challenges. These specific approaches required strategic content marketing. We began publishing content geared towards outdoor activities, local activities, and inspirational quotes to keep followers engaged and find a new audience. The followers considered these posts relevant to their interests and stuck around for more.

The team also optimized content based on audience engagement. We created and posted highly engaging targeted content that was specific to the lodge’s hospitality services. Furthermore, we gained a better understanding of the target audience’s demographics and then took the initiative to create content that met the followers’ needs and was most likely to be shared.


We carried out a very robust content marketing strategy. We focused on posting content that resonates most strongly with the audience of interest i.e. women between age groups of 35 and 65 (Facebook Analytics).

A/B Split Testing creatives

We also split-tested different facebook creatives to learn more about what template sets were performing best among page’s majority followers.

Diversified content calendar

We also tested out different content types during the first month of the campaign and increased the frequency of specific content pieces with the highest engagement rate. As examples, some posts focused on outdoor activities, geographic facts and stats, area’s history, and google reviews.


We took several measurements to gauge the best to time to post for maximum engagement. After carefully analyzing the data after 2 months of service, we concluded that the best time to post and engage followers was mornings between 7 am and 10 am and evenings 5 pm and 8 pm. Posting outside these time periods resulted in low engagement.

Data and plots

Plot #2: Content Reach

Average content reach (before) < 200

Average content reach (after) > 750

Content REACH B&B

Plot #3: Audience Reactions

Audience Reactions (Before):   < 30.

Audience Reactions (After):     > 70

Plot #3: Optimized Time to Post

Morning: between 7 am & 10 am

Evening: between 5 pm & 8 pm

Content REACH B&B


Your business’ social media presence can also experience great results. If interested, contact the Viral Content Lab team today. We have an in-house crew of professionals who employ the best-suited methods to improve your company’s online visibility through effective social media marketing strategies.