How we increased social media traffic, content engagement rate and restaurant sales in less than 40 days organically.


Goa is an Indian restaurant that has been serving authentic Indian cuisine since its inception in 2014. The restaurant, originally based in Guadalajara, Mexico, has developed a unique style of cooking, which is very famous locally. 

Though they have become a local sensation, the company is not quite as famous on prominent social media platforms. This is where Viral Content Lab came into the picture. We helped this restaurant develop their social media presence and increase awareness of their brand in the local area by creating a solid marketing plan.

To best suit the purpose of this campaign, our agency chose Instagram as the primary social media platform. We made this decision  because it would be easier to target the specified demographics.


Before we became partners with Goa Restaurant,, we had noticed some challenges that we would face in achieving the set goals. One problem we encountered was finding the target audience who were mostly locals, and then engaging this audience. The issue of content creation also stood out. We had to consider that Instagram posts would need to be visually appealing and have compelling captions in order to stand out from the feed We needed to convince people to visit this restaurant as opposed to other local options.

The agency faced a challenge in developing the restaurant’s social visibility from scratch, as they had no presence on Instagram prior to our social media strategy discussion. Before our involvement, Goa’s Facebook channel was also experiencing a decline in audience engagement rates.


To improve the restaurant’s online visibility, we had several items on their checklist to work through

1. First and foremost, they hoped to attract more local followers on Instagram who are excited by and interested in exotic cuisine. 

2. The business also had the objective to increase its daily content engagement rate.

3. Furthermore, they hoped to grow more popular in the community by effectively utilizing Instagram as a channel to improving their brand’s visibility.

Followers Gained


Engagement Rate 


likes received


Peak Content reach



Our team was able to generate great results from the campaign through committed effort and guided by careful planning. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Within 40 days, our agency grew the restaurant’s Instagram followers from 0 to 417 (plot#1).

2. We also increased content engagement rates by 729% (plot#2).

3. Within a month, we had improved the number of total likes to 413 (plot#2).

4. In addition, the client reported more inquiries and direct messages from highly engaged followers about Goa’s business, including reserving a table, restaurant hours, and various food items on the menu.

How we did it: Strategies Implemented

The Viral Content Lab team proceeded to scale the challenges by implementing several strategies. We started by creating and optimizing Goa’s Instagram channel. By researching hashtags, we were able to utilize high-ranking hashtags when optimizing our social media management strategy. This lead more traffic to the page.

Visually Appealing Graphics

Our agency started utilizing high-quality, visually appealing photos of various menu items. We stopped using stock photos and encouraged the owner to take real pictures of the restaurant’s food, fresh from the oven, in order to sway potential customers. Furthermore, we posted content when most followers were active on their mobile devices. To get the audience’s attention, we would focus on  well-written and engaging posts


We implemented our Instagram Growth Engine Program designed to earn more micro-targeted followers. We utilized Instagram location tagging to discover more local followers. What’s more, we improved hashtag performance by strategically inserting hashtags in the comments section and rotating them every day. We also went through a reflective process of removing the hashtags that were difficult to rank and had less volume.st.

Influencer Outreach

We reached out to influencers within the same niche for cross-promotion in order to grow targeted followers. This was most effective when posting high-quality content that our followers could share. 

Data and plots

Plot #2: Audience Engagement Plot (Interaction)

Total likes received (40 days) – 413

Follower engagement increased by ~ 729%

best time to post

Plot #3: Best Time To Post

Highest follower engagement between 11 am and 3 pm; and 6 pm and 8 pm time windows.



Your company’s social media platform can also get great results, so contact the Viral Content Lab team today. We have an in-house team of experts who uses customizable methods to strengthen your company’s social media presence through strategic social media marketing.