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If hearing us talk about ourselves doesn’t do enough to convince you to try our services, listen to these satisfied customers. Our best salespeople aren’t even on our payroll – they are the clients we’ve worked with who have seen the success we provide and want others to experience it as well. Check out what they have to say:

Tim D.

Thank You! Tim for your fabulous review

We were lucky enough to find a group called Viral Content Lab. They came in and their hands on approach was second to none. They looked at our business and looked at what our business needs were for our social media marketing and they implemented the plan and I could tell you this right away – our clients started finding us online organically which was phenomenal for us. They do everything from personalized visuals, to promos to animations. The best part about the service it’s on a month to month basis with no setup fees.

Charisse L.

Thank You! Charisse for your amazing review

“They have done a fabulous job with creating high-quality well-written posts for my social media pages. I am really impressed with their approach to social media management where they post seven diverse content styles to effectively engage the page followers and then boost the best performing posts on a weekly basis – which is super awesome. The monthly social media reporting is quite powerful and transparent. You can review with their team to see how your campaign went and what’s needed to further improve your social media marketing strategy – which extra awesome as well.”

Sam C.

Thank You! Sam for your great review

“For me personally, I LOVE that they have customized logos they use with every single post so you can really tell it’s not some premade thing. They really do cater it to every single customer which is AMAZING. They have also been great in communication taking any of my concerns, any of my requests and using them to help give me the best service I can ask for.”

Holly L.

Thank You! Holly for your amazing review

“It’s an exceptional service for the price I can actually afford. This social media content is written really well. The team is really professional and reliable and they were always there to answer my questions the day I ask them which is really cool because other places make you wait two or three days till they finally get back to you. They take direction really well and they will customize the marketing strategy according to your business which is nice because there is no cookie-cutter formula. It’s really great for brands and even better agencies who want to outsource their social media marketing.”


Thank You! Erica for your amazing review

“I have been using Viral Content Lab for my social media marketing campaigns. It’s super effective, a new approach that I have n’t really seen before. They give you seven different types of posts. It’s not only promotional posts but quizzes, facts, statistics, industry news, motivational posts and just all kinds of things that are getting my followers more engaged and getting organic likes and shares. The support team is excellent to work with. They are great for small businesses on a budget. Their pricings are upfront. I would definitely recommend Viral Content Lab to any small to mid-size business owner looking to boost their social media presence.”


Thank You! Alicia for your amazing review

“I found about Viral Content Lab through a friend’s recommendation. Working with Viral Content Lab has been an amazing experience. I have seen tremendous growth across multiple social media platforms within the past four months of working with them.”