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Keyword Research And SEO Analysis

Viral Content Lab excels at keyword research, SEO analysis and data collection from authority content sources. This strategy allows us to create high-quality viral content that builds the reputation of your business and increases the likelihood of content being shared, rank higher on search engine results page and earn backlinks.

Creating Emotional Experience


Having a strong emotional component in content greatly increases the chances of promotional success. From pride and appreciation to disgust and surprise, our team has created hundreds of content pieces based on highly emotional topics.

Creating High-Quality Content For Your Target Audience

When you want your audiences to soak up information, you have to present it in a clear, straightforward, and engaging way. We help you communicate your message with crisp writing and aesthetically pleasing — but also easy to understand — visualizations.

Industry Standard Tools, Expertise And Resources


Our highly skilled team of designers and developers are ready to turn your text into beautiful graphics and illustrations sure to catch the attention of your readers.

Wait! But Why My Business Should Have A Content Marketing Strategy

Posting well-researched content regularly on your website blog section is the best way to maintain high rankings on search engines and keeping your existing and new clients engaged. This also proves to your audience that you are a GO TO RESOURCE.

However, most agencies often struggle to find qualified writers, strategy and content optimization. This is where we come in to play!

Our monthly blog and SEO article packages are specially designed to give you complete hands down system and always keep your blog fresh by deploying high-quality posts that are fully optimized for maximum SEO impact.

With our premium viral content writing services, you can expect:

– Consistently unique well-researched content that is relevant to your niche.
– A Royalty Free HD images included with each blog or article that represents your brand.

Our 4 Step Approach

Research And Competition Study

Our process for creating SEO articles starts with taking a singular topic and analyzing it with competition’s top-ranking content. During this process, we identify the keywords that will rank for your particular domain and also important subtopics, questions to answer, and personas to address in your content.

SEO And Keyword Analysis

Improperly researched keywords fails the entire content strategy. Search engines now detect and demote the low ranking keywords. That’s where the Viral Content Lab comes in to play. Our experts with technical knowledge in SEO carefully hand pick set of keywords that will help your content rank.


Title Selection And Content Creation

Once our SEO strategists finish all the technical side of the content strategy planning, the topics and keywords are passed to our experienced writers. That’s when they add their secret sauce and make the content to go viral.

Editorial Process

Once this step is complete. Our editorial team runs the curated content through another round of competition analysis and fills the necessary gaps.

Blog Writing Plans

SEO Article

Writing Plans